OktoberWest Bier & Music Festival is back!

The OktoberWest Bierfest Returns! 

Saturday 24th September 2016. Midday – 11.30pm.

Our “other” brewery, with a lot of help from us are back with the annual party blowout to end all party blowouts! Yes, the can’t-miss event of the summer is back and better than ever!

The West Berkshire Brewery OktoberWest Bierfest 2016 promises to be a cracker complete with some of the best local bands and some of Bavaria’s finest brews alongside their award-winning real ales and our superb craft beers.

Tickets will be priced at just £12.50 until 30th June and can be purchased here.

 So dust of those lederhosen, gird your loins and prepare to get beery. Prost!

P.S. Check out the bunch of clowns below, all dressed up at last years event. Yes, it will be that silly again.

Okt West 2016 Sep Logo



Boys on bar


Fancy a bit of the action? Renegade Crowdfunding.

The keen eyed among you may have seen that our parent, West Berkshire Brewery, have started a crowdfunding campaign to finish raising funds for our new brewery, packing lines and for our very own pub. Now, whilst this may all be happening under their name, it does include us as well. What’s more, unlike most crowdfunding schemes, this is one where your money will be an investment, you will have stake in the business, not just some extra goodies and an early delivery of whatever you were funding. Kinda like BrewDog’s Equity For Punks schemes, but better, as it is our beer.

So, if you want to do more than just drink our beers, go visit the information page here for links and to find out how even a small stake will give you some equity in the brewery!


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