This months Renegade Session Live Music (pt1)

Thursday 30th June– Dreuw, Luke De-Sciscio + TriAmi – The Renegade Sessions @ Baila Coffee & Vinyl

Dreuw June 16 Baila 3This months musical opening salvo at Baila Coffee & Vinyl in Swindon is a real sweet show, as the guys at Songs of Praise explain…

“We have managed to secure three marvellous acts that are all hallmarked by their spine-tingling vocal styles and atmospheric music, so it promised to be a very special night. Headlining is Swindon’s own Dreuw, an artist we have seen many times, performing his beautiful, hushed and dramatic songs acoustically to largely indifferent pub audiences. Therefore, this step into a the cosy confines of Baila will allow an audience to  appreciate the ethereal splendour of his art; delicate and ethereal songs built as much from atmosphere and expectation as from words and music – intangible, chilled, beautiful…

“Taking the middle slot is Luke De-Sciscio, an old friend of SoP; an artist who, despite still being a veritable youngster, has been one of our go-to guys pretty much since Ed started promoting. Luke is a songwriter with a supremely gymnastic vocal style, one for who silence and space in a song are of equal importance to the notes and who likes to follow a process of total immersion in song-writing that allows him to search his soul and find the voice of each piece. The result is always spine-tingling and highly emotive…

“Openers are Salisbury trio TriAmi, a band where hushed folktronica meets chilled acoustica and the harmonies, oh my god the harmonies, well, you’ll just have to come along and see what I mean but bring something to wipe the tears away with.”

Due to some physical changes at the venue, the rather wonderful space upstairs (The Loft) will no longer be suitable for live music, so all shows will be moving downstairs to the just as wonderful main room. This means that they will no longer be ticketed and we will be relying on the tip jar to help pay the artists.

For full details and to listen to the artists head to the event page here.

Renegade Sessions – Live Music

RB-SoP20160204-05 smallI am sure you have noticed by now a certain musical leaning to things here at Renegade. With an experienced guitarist, a currently gigging drummer and a music promoter and writer among the brand’s core team it was always going to be the case. So it will come as no surprise to anyone that we are starting to sponsor some gigs and get involved with some music festivals this summer.

There will be more on the festivals when we can announce them, but in the meantime we focus on some upcoming plans as we link up with promoters Songs of Praise and our fellow music geeks at Baila Bar @ Baila Coffee & Vinyl to start programming some fantastic music to drink beer to in what we are styling the Renegade Sessions.

Baila Coffee & Vinyl is an oasis of brewed loveliness in RB-SoP20160204-04 smallSwindon’s Old Town district. By day they serve some of the finest coffees, alongside a great selection of vinyl records. It is a wonderful place to idle away some time over a hot brew and to flick through the racks of quality music. Then, in the evening the venue is transformed into a fabulous craft beer and cocktails bar (that serves Renegade beer) and they utilise this musical pedigree for regular DJ nights (vinyl only!) and occasional live music.

So, commencing on a twice monthly basis, from late April, we will be taking up residency and helping to put on some of the best in under-the-radar acts from the local region and beyond in both the venues main cafe / bar area, and in the upstairs room. We are very excited to announce that the first  Renegade Session will be taking place on Thursday 28th April. We will be announcing the acts very soon.

In the meantime, here is a gallery from our first foray into music, a show at The Victoria in Swindon (again hosted with Songs of Praise) back in January featuring the bands Rain, IDestroy and Hollow Mask.

For more on the activites of live music promoters Songs of Praise, please visit their website by clicking here.


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