New Brew: Mashed & Wired!

We are constantly looking at trying new ideas and generally see what is possible with beer. So, a few months ago, when head brewer Will was shooting the breeze with his old friend Tash, a rather cool idea was born. You see, Tash is a coffee roastery manager at the rather cool Pharmacie in Brighton (well, Hove, actually), and the pair realised there are definite similarities between the Third Wave coffee scene, and craft beer brewing. About 30 seconds after this realisation, they decided to brew a beer together and after much discussion on beer style, potential coffee/hop pairings and experimental taste tests, Mashed & Wired was born!

Wanting to prove that additions such as coffee don’t have to be in a heavy, dark beer the end result is a hoppy pale ale that pours cloudy amber with a bright, loose head. Aroma-wise, as expected, coffee  dominates the nose, a hit provided by the cold extracted, single origin Kenyan coffee. Also front and centre is a tasty fruit aroma from a great blend of Mosaic and Vic Secret hops. Taste-wise it is surprisingly light and nicely crisp, the immediate flavor of the coffee fades into rich earthiness overlaid with a well-balanced hop character, and it leaves a dry, bitter and moreish feel.


To launch this very limited edition (only 130 bottles) brew the guys at Pharmacie are hosting a bit of a bash on Saturday 11th June from 6pm  We can’t promise a free bar, but we can promise you delicious beer and coffee, awesome bands and a right ol’ knees up in their cool hidden micro-roastery in central Hove. The music will be supplied by Sydney/Brighton dreamboats and coffee makers, Mortgage and more to be confirmed! Check out the Facebook event page here for up to date details.

*If you ain’t sold on the coffee / beer thing (why not?) you are just going to have to trust us, we’ve tried it, it kicks bum.