Craft Beer Rising 2016 – preparations are underway!

I have been sneaking around the yard with the ol’ trusty smart phone and managed to catch Accounts dude and wood master Ed C in action being super manly building our bar-back for Craft Beer Rising 2016 later this month. Using some left over pallets, some spray paint and stencils and a little imagination he is performing chippy magic and turning this waste wood in to what he assures me is going to be a spectacular back drop to our bar at the event. OF course, if he is wrong and it ends up looking like something I made in art and craft at nursery school he will be duly dealt with! However, frustrated chippy Ed has built most of the display furniture in our shop as well out of old pallets and other reclaimed wood.

Who’d a thunk it, a pen-pusher being one of the handiest guys in the brewery?
CBR bar build 1 CBR bar build 2