Steve Munro

Steve is our only brewer without a beard. But, as our resident mad scientist and gadget man he comes up with some great concoctions so we let him off this faux-pas!

STEVE ON WORK It was homebrew that got me into brewing, I saw my dad’s friends having a go, so tried some two can kits then watched ridiculous amounts of YouTube videos, like the 12646966_507888866060008_3787034095325502580_nBrooklyn Brewery boys and got a real bug for it. I love brewing, especially the creation side of things, starting with raw ingredients and ending up with a fantastic product, I mean who doesn’t like beer? It’s a cool place to be. There is a lot of passion here. Moving forward we have some exciting stuff coming up and I am getting to play around with some new hop varieties from all over the world which is great.

STEVE ON BEER I like the classics, the good English ales and love the Belgian styles. But if I had to pick a favourite I would be looking at Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace, Dogfish Head range is great. But it is not just the Americans, I do love the English breweries as well. I have been drinking their stuff since I was 18 (ish). I like the modern twists on the old classics.

STEVE ON LIFE If I’m not brewing I am probably brewing. I still like to do loads of home brew. I also do a lot of cooking, a lot of gardening especially growing herbs, and I recently started keeping pedigree rare breed pigs for meat as well as the bloodline.

AND STEVE’S BREWHOUSE WRESTLER NAME? Mine is simply “Everyone’s Favourite Wrestler, Steve”.