Will Twomey

Will is our esteemed Head Brewer, famed for his beer palate and big beard. He is THE MAN when it comes to our beer. 

Will Twomey, Head Brewer, Renegade BRewery

WILL ON WORK. Working at the brewery was accidental really. I went to school with Griff whose folks had set up the brewery, so I had seen it develop over the
years. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in
terms of work. 6th form hadn’t cut it, I had done a college course but didn’t want to go to University. I knew I wanted to do something with my hands. So I had a word with Dave (Maggs, founder), and there happened to be a spot in the brewery, so he said I could come for a trial. I knew from day 1 that it was an awesome job to have – it is a perfect example of an applied science. I really loved biology and bits of chemistry at school, but brewing is also very hands on. It is also creative, physical and a great industry to be in. It is very supportive of itself, brewers are always helping out other brewers.

WILL ON BEERS. I like hoppy beers generally although I am a massive fan and real advocate of traditional British beer. It is uniquely British, we brew it a different way and, it is not served the same way anywhere else in the world. We should make sure it is revered. But in terms of other stuff – Northern Monk has been great so far. Beavertown’s Bloody Hell is insane, it is made with blood oranges and is like drinking hoppy Orangina. I like a lot of the stuff I can get locally: Weird Beard is good, Siren Craft Brew stuff is great, as are some of the Windsor & Eton cask beers. So style wise I love hops. But proper cask beer served in great condition is the greatest pint on the planet.

WILL ON LIFE. I used to play loads of music in bands. I am still a big guitar noodler but not gigged in a long time. I like socialising and go on a lot of weekend breaks, although, and I swear it is by accident, beer festivals seem to follow me around when I am away. Yep, life mostly revolves around Beer.

AND WILL’S BREWHOUSE WRESTLER NAME? It is Tombstone Twomey, a hangover from a previous life..!