Griff Maggs

Griff Maggs is one of our brewers. He grew up round the brewery, and is well known for his well-bearded, viking looks, drinking abilities and copious tattoo’s,

GRIFF ON WORK Brewing was more of a job I fell into as I grew up with it; my parents started the brewery (West Berkshire Brewery, Renegade’s “parent”) in 1995, so I have been here on and off doing various jobs, seeing11822650_10153571270471554_439164769869652558_n the processes and the expansion. I started working here quite young to earn some money as I was also playing music, and needed cash! I then went off and worked at a music distribution company, then a variety of other jobs like landscape gardening and kitchen fitting. But I got a call from my dad asking if I wanted to come back, to learn to brew and get involved. It seemed like a great opportunity to be honest. Obviously I love the product, but I also love the practical process, I am a very hands on sort of person. There is plenty of opportunity to experiment, it is a craft in itself, and creating is enjoyable. You are working with your mates – it is one of those jobs that you can have a laugh whilst being productive. It is a teamwork based job, and very routine.

GRIFF ON BEER I like hoppy IPA’s and quintessential English brown ales. I also like stouts. Ha! Generally I just like beer! I am really getting into the craft, American style beers. Sierra Nevada is the obvious classic, the pioneer. Well hopped, good character beers are my thing.

GRIFF ON LIFE I have been playing drums since I was 12 and I haven’t stopped – I love it. I have been playing gigs since I was 16, and I am  still doing it, a real labour of love! I play in a couple of bands, one of whom is heading to Europe in June for some shows. The other band is a progressive rock band, particularly long songs, very 70’s-esque. I love going for spontaneous surfs with friends of mine when I get the chance. In fact generally socialising and being active. It all usually ends up in the pub afterwards! I am also into my tattoos, my body is a canvas slowly being filled!

AND GRIFF’s BREWHOUSE WRESTLER NAME? I have two for some reason – Rod Cock and my alter ego: Hanz The Barrel!