Ed Dyer

For want a of a more suitable title, Ed is the Renegade Brand Manager. This basically means he is the great big mouth of the Brewery. He is the one who does the social media and most of the writing on here. So blame him.

ED ON WORK. I have quite a varied background, 10313705_10154389837403356_58581438435962666_nspending a lot of time selling food and advertising, but also a few stints in PR, marketing and Journalism. But, as a hardened beer drinker of too many years the chance to combine all of that into a job that revolved around beer was too good an idea to not action. So I asked for a job, and for some reason, they gave me one.

ED ON BEERS. I like most good beer, but in particular anything that has shed loads of hops in it. I am currently a big fan of stuff coming from The Wild Beer Co, and Electric Bear Brewing. Although, one of my favourites for knocking back is XT1. I like trying new beers, and will give anything a go, although styles like Mild don’t really do it for me. My recent holidays have been a beer education, especially a trip to Bruge. Those Belgians really do know a thing about beer. Although the average ABV takes some getting used to!

ED ON LIFE. Music is my other big “thing”. I promote around 12-15 live gigs a month across venues in my hometown of Swindon. These encompass anything from folk through to alt-rock. I also run a music festival, a small record label, a music PR and bookings company and a reviews website. Oh, and I write for the local entertainment magazine (on music, obviously). So keep an eye out for lots of Renegade music related stuff, as the two go together really well! To be honest, Beer and Music is about it for me outside of family. And that is fine by me.

AND ED’S BREWHOUSE WRESTLER NAME? There is some confusion over this, as the originator of the name is no longer with the Brewery but I believe it was Bear The¬†Lumberjack..