The Beer Hot Tub is a thing!

No Diving, No Bombing and No Heavy Petting! In what sounds like the ultimate fantasy of a beer fan, it appears the beer hot tub is now an actual thing!

Bathing-in-Beer-ImageSome mad nutters at Austrian brewery Starkenberg have turned one of their fermenting tanks into a hot tub. I guess, for some beer enthusiasts drinking their favourite brew isn’t enough, oh no, they have to take a dip in it. But, is there actually a point to this lunacy or is it all about bombing in beer? There is actually some science to back this idea up. beer beer does actually have nourishing qualities that benefit your skin, with the alcohol able to remove toxins and clean pores (isn’t his more commonly called “getting a booze sweat on”?), while the hops, yeast and vitamins are hydrating and rejuvenating. And for your hair, beer can totally amp up the shine and eliminate dandruff. It might not smell amazing of course, but hell you can’t have it all.

Additionally this is not in some sticky warehouse  — it’s a converted castle nestled into an enchanting forest in the Austrian country side. This thing is massive too, there’s room to both swim and soak. According to the brewers, you’re welcome to drink it, this isn’t just the contents of their ullage tank, the quality of the soaking beer is as high as the drinking beer from the taps –  the alcohol helps to keep it from spreading bacteria. So if you don’t mind the bitter taste and the fact that yours and a bunch of other peoples backsides have been soaking in it, go for it!

Check out some highlights from the breweries promotional video below