Renegades, Rebels, Rogues and Revolutionaries Pt 1- Geronimo

geronimoStraight away you know the Apache leader Geronimo is going to be an upstanding Renegade – his name translates as “the one who yawns” – yep, this guy is so cool he can sleep walk his way through leading the Apache nation in decades long wars against Mexico and Arizona.

As in so many great western movies Geronimo fought for a just cause, defending tribal lands against the relentless march of foreign settlers and in vengeance for the slaying of his family by Mexicans (Hmm, wonder where the plot for The Outlaw Josey Wales came from Clint?), and earned particular notoriety later in life for leading a small band of 38 men, women, and children who evaded thousands of Mexican and American troops for over a year, even leading the governor of Sonora to claim in 1886 that in the last five months of Geronimo’s wild career, his band of 16 warriors slaughtered some 500 to 600 Mexicans. I think even Chuck Norris would appreciate those sort of skills.

If you fancy further enriching your knowledge of American indiginous history in a spot of rather cushy timing, you can have a gander at the BBC iPlayer where they have a cool programme with the irrepressible Rich Hall going in search of the “real American Indian” or follow this here link – Rich Hall’s Inventing The Indian

Australian band Sheppard even wrote and recorded a song called Geronimo, in part inspired by the man. Their version is a bit naff, but the one done by a bunch of random buskers in London, made by the irrepressible but tramp like Shaun Buswell,(a man who is perhaps the greatest renegade I know personally) is top drawer. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available on Youtube, but if you click here you can check it out via a Guardian report on it.