The Germans are at it again – Boga anyone?

boga-508930Those crazy Germans are indeed at it again. This time, those beer obsessed Teutonic’s are combining get fit with get fat after teaching people to do yoga – using beer bottles.

Students have to take part in classic yoga poses but also have to integrate a beer bottle into the routine. The so-called ‘Bieryogis’ say that combining their two favourite things, beer and yoga, is the most fun way to get fit. During the yoga session, students can drink the beer, although some agreed that the session got harder after the second beer.

And after the fitness routine is complete, many of the students usually stay on to continue drinking together.

Many of those turning up for one session in  Berlin recently admitted they were not regulars, but one added: “It is really funny to come just a couple of times. It’s really cool.”

Sport experts, however, are sceptical. Dr Ingo Froboese (yes, I know that sounds made up, but we have researched this, honest!), from the German Sporting School in Cologne, said: “Alcohol clouds the perception, hinders muscle control, impairs balance and restricts endurance.”

He said that the alcohol would also restrict people during the recovery phase, saying that anybody drinking after exercise should stick to water in the hours immediately afterwards, or at the most in the second hour an energy drink.”

Bieryogi trainer Jhula, however, was keen to stress that nobody was forced to drink. She said: “People can drink what they want and when they want.” She added that even pregnant women take part – using alcohol-free beer.

So, a further nail in the “Beer is bad for you” coffin. OR that is what we keep telling ourselves as we adopt the Sphinx pose whilst glugging a Berliner Weissbier….