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West Coast Pale Ale

Pow! Hops! This American Pale Ale is inspired by the great craft beers of the U.S. West Coast. Shedloads of Cascade, Summit, Columbus and Chinook result in a big, fat, hop bomb of a beer.

Alcohol 5.1%

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Renegade Craft Lager

This uncompromising lager is crisp, clean and utterly refreshing. Lagered for six weeks and loaded with Progress and Fuggles hops for masses of flavour.

Alcohol 4.5%

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India Session Ale

What the deuce is India Session Ale? A sessionable, complex, hop-laden, chewy beast of a an IPA? Hell yeah! For those who love hops but not the knee trembling ABV, look no further.

Alcohol 4.2%

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Nouvelle Saison

A twist on the classic Saison, brought bang up to date with root ginger, lemon zest and locally sourced honey. The “Belle Saison” yeast brings a true Belgian character to this brew. LIMITED EDITION.

Alcohol 6.1%

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