West Coast Pale Ale

Pow! Hops! This American Pale Ale is inspired by the great craft beers of the U.S. West Coast. Shedloads of Cascade, Summit, Columbus and Chinook result in a big, fat, hop bomb of a beer.

Ren WCPA & Glass
The nuts and bolts

Style:  American Pale Ale
See:  Light Copper
Smell:  Hoppy, Tropical Fruit, Grapefruit
Taste:  Smooth, Citrus, Bitter
Bitter:  4.5 out of 5
Sweet:  3 out of 5
Hops:  Cascade, Summit, Columbus, Chinook, Northdown
Malts: Maris Otter, Cara, Amber
ABV:  5.1%
EBU:  70
OG: 1.051
FG:  1.011
Available in: Keg and 330ml Bottles.

Inspiration:  “Inspiration for this beer comes from the great Pale ales and IPA’s hailing from the US. Cool fermentation and a large dry hop addition adds bags of citrus, tropical fruit and pine, complimented by the base malts. This style of beer has become very popular in the last few years and I relished the chance to make my own version.” Will Twomey, Head Brewer.

What about Food?:  The heavy dose of ‘new world’ hops gives this APA big flavours and when these are combined with the aromatics abundant in far eastern food it’s simply manna from heaven. Thai food is a particularly good match, the lemongrass and coriander merge well with the citrus hops but while you are in the area you could opt for a Vietnamese curry – something with plenty of lime, galangal and tamarind.

And Tunes?: This is not a beer to be drinking as you kick back in your slippers in front of a toasty fire and listen to Barry Manilow’s greatest hits. Its full on flavour demands an equally in-your-face music to accompany it, something that kicks ass and gives you that massive shot of adrenaline. And with the heritage of the beer being West Coast USA, what better than a big fat slice of US West Coast punk rock in the monumental shape of The Bronx?

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Or, if you want to keep it local and drink your West Coast Pale Ale to a band from Renegades own manor, check out Raze*Rebuild. Same effect, just closer to home.

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