Nouvelle Saison

This limited release small-batch beer is a twist on the classic saison, brought bang up to date with root ginger, lemon zest and locally sourced honey (thanks to bee keeper Matt from Compton, just 2 miles from the brewery!). A classic yeast variety from Lallemand called “Belle Saison” brings a true Belgian character to this brew with cloves and pepper notes joining the warmth of the alcohol.

WBB - Nouvelle Saison - smallThe nuts and bolts

Style:  Saison
See:  Hay
Smell:  Spicy, Cloves, Pepper
Taste:   Citrus, Ginger, Honey
Bitter:  3 out of 5
Sweet:  1 out of 5
Hops:  Fuggles, East Kent Goldings
Malts:  Maris Otter, Amber, Oats
ABV:  6.1%
EBU: 25
OG:  1.051
FG:  1.003
Available in: Keg

Inspiration:  “I have always loved Saisons, not only classic beers such as Sorachi Ace by Brooklyn Brewery but also rustic brews traditionally made seasonally in Belgian farmhouses. I was dead keen to have a crack at one myself, and am chuffed with the result; the lads have jokingly been calling this my ‘hot toddy’ beer as I added honey, lemon and ginger’. Steve Munro, Brewer.

What about Food?: Saisons are light bodied and just like a light wine such as a Cab Sav (get us) they are brilliantly paired with food such as mussels with garlic, in fact, why not go all out Belgian and dig in to Moules et Frites.

And Tunes?: This is a peach of a quirky beer. Layer upon layer of flavour create real depth, and with the cheeky additions this is a hearty and warming brew, but one that also manages to remain effortlessly cool and unique. So, to treat your ears in the same way with a very special sound, why not treat them to some Vienna Ditto? One of our favourite local bands, they are so good we didn’t think we needed to pop up something from further afield. One of them lives on a boat on the Thames just up the road from the brewery! Described as “Like Portishead doing a Tarantino soundtrack” by Radio 1’s Huw Stevens, and “sleazy surf pop with style and grace… accessible and acerbic and laden with a huge deal of potential” by top music blog God Is In The TV, you kind of get the idea that there’s is not a particularly straight or predictable kind of sound. Anyway, enough waffle, just check them out with our double bill of quirky cool vid’s below:

For more Vienna Ditto, CLICK HERE!

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