India Session Ale

What the deuce is India Session Ale? A sessionable, complex, hop-laden, chewy beast of an IPA? Hell yeah! For those who love hops but not the knee trembling ABV, look no further.

Ren ISA & Glass

The nuts and bolts

Style:  India Pale Ale
See:  Amber
Smell:  Hoppy, Pine, Citrus
Taste:  Bitter, Caramel, Balanced
Bitter:  4 out of 5
Sweet:  3 out of 5
Hops:  First Gold, Pacific Jade, Pacific Gem, Northdown
Malts: Maris Otter, Amber, Cara, Brown
ABV:  4.2%
EBU:  40
OG: 1.045
FG:  1.012
Available in: Keg and 330ml Bottles.

Inspiration:  “India Session Ales are a relatively new style to have emerged from the craft beer scene, created because all those high ABV India Pale Ales, whilst packing in bags of flavour, have one obvious drawback. So, whilst I love an IPA, what’s not always the top of my to do list is having a banging head the morning after, particularly when that head is going to be stuck in a mash tun.  Here lies the beauty of our ISA, it still crams in plenty of hops whilst allowing you to enjoy one after another.” Will Twomey, Head Brewer.

What About Food?: As this session ale has all the punch of an IPA it goes well with all the same grub you would normally pair with its ‘big brother’.  These beers turn up the volume on flavour, so they need dishes with similar intensity to stand up.  The bitterness of our ISA has a cooling affect and will fan the flames of a banging Indian curry such as Chicken Jalfrezi or Lamb Madras. A take-away and a beer, boom, you have the perfect night in.

And Tunes?: As this is a beer with a backwoodsy, outdoors kinda flavour it is going to be best enjoyed accompanied by some music that is earthy, gritty and pretty damn emotive. Like a bit of country-rock Americana! And what better than some Justin Townes Earle? This is a man with serious pedigree – the son of legendary Steve Earle, and named after the even more legendary Townes Van Zandt (if they are new names to you, look em up. Please!) . Anyway, check out this belter of a song:

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If you prefer to stick close to home then give Case Hardin a spin. Their new album “Colours Simple” is an absolute belter, full of tracks that are atmospheric tales of broken lives, hapless characters and the cruelty of fate. This perfect combination of world weary tales, flawed characters and rocked up country tunes have created possibly the finest album we have heard for some time.

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